Multifaceted Moisturizers by Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts moisturizers are unique formulations with multifaceted benefits for each individual’s unique hydration needs. 

What is a multifaceted moisturizer?

Without Multifaceted Moisture (left)

Our skin is affected daily by transepidermal water loss (TEWL), free radicals, and UV radiation. The natural aging process and decrease of natural oil production accelerates dry skin problems. Without proper antioxidant support, moisture, and sunscreen, our skin ages faster. Fine lines and wrinkles are enhanced, discolorations are more prevalent, and the discomfort of dry skin and dehydration compromises our skin’s barrier.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Moisturizers (right)

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts moisturizers promote beautiful skin and healthy cells. Each formulation is targeted to address individual moisture needs while addressing common skin concerns with naturally derived ingredients. The results: superb hydration, supple skin, and targeted protection from the elements.


What's the difference between moisture and hydration?

Humectants / 
The Water Magnets

Ideal for all skin types, humectants attract water into the skin like magnets. Without them, essential hydration is lost, dehydration becomes prevalent, and the skin looks aged. Not all skin needs moisture, but ALL skin types need hydration.

Emollients / Seal in Moisture

Commonly referred to as occlusive ingredients, emollients seal in moisture and deliver longer-lasting results for dry skin types. 

Binders & Emulsifiers / Bring it All Together

These ingredients are crucial at keeping the moisturizer’s creamy consistency and slip when applying. Without them, oil and water separates, making application a little more tricky.